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La Marca International Pte Ltd is located in Singapore, South East Asia’s regional trade hub. Connoisseurs of fine lifestyle will find uniqueness, bohemian exclusivity and inspiration in our line of premium products.

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Wine Cellar Asia, the 2nd division of La Marca International, started in 2008 by its founders with the aim of introducing fine German champagne (Sekt) as well as carefully selected German boutique wines in Singapore and the rest of Asia. Selecting only the very best from exclusive German vineyards, Wine Cellar Asia is honored to be the sole distributor and representative of the German boutique winemakers they represent.


We are proud to bring VELTINS, one of the very best German beers, to Asia! Ranked as one the top 3 German premium beer brands by market share in its home country, it is time that Asia experiences this refreshing beer.

BeerCellar Asia was therefore formed in order to take on the task to bring this premium product not just to Singapore, but also the region of ASEAN. Lead by experts with a strong regional background  and coming from premium branded German MNCs, the BCA team will strive to also make this premium German product, Veltins, a huge success in the region.


La Marca Marine, a division of La Marca International Pte Ltd which started its operations in 2004, specializes in boats which are innovative, versatile and technologically advanced, yet also affordable for anybody who would like to have fun at sea. Our selection of boats keeps in mind the unique conditions of Singapore’s waters, trying to maximize the fun factor for the enthusiastic buyer.


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Handicraft Asia is a specialist in traditional, artistic, and fine-art handicraft that has a long-standing history in Asia. Since 2004 it presents. Lovingly produced art objects of mystic beauty to the rest of the world, featuring high quality stone and wood carvings. Whether used for interior or garden décor, be assured that our products will inspire your soul and love of life.

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